VetBioNet Page hosted by the IVBW: VetBioNet  discussion site, guidelines and position papers for public access

VetBioNet - Veterinary Biocontained research facility Network

EU funded network 2017-2022

The VetBioNet is sharing best practice information on biological risk management and animal welfare on the IVBW website.

Responding to research needs to combat high consequence pathogens of livestock species requires some of the most expensive infrastructure in animal health. Only a small number of facilities have the capability and infrastructure. To ensure it is used in the most responsible way the VetBioNet addresses a number of key challenges starting March 2017.

Hosted by the IVBW VetBioNet is sharing best practice documents here. 

Follow this link to the Zenodo VetBioNet Community, where all publicly released documents of the VetBioNet Project are stored as part of the EU OpenAire Project. Each file can be located through an assigned digital object identifier (doi) for universal access. 

Shared references can also be found on the VETBIONET Mendeley Community for easy referencing.
VetBioNet documents are hosted by the International Veterinary Biosafety Workgroup
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