International Veterinary Biosafety Workgroup

IVBW  - best practice in biocontainment of high consequence pathogens

Welcome to the website of the International Veterinary Biosafety Workgroup.

Our mission is to promote best practice in microbiological biocontainment and safety in veterinary laboratories that have national responsibility for the health of large animals, and which operate at biosafety level 3 and 4.

We are truly international as our members come from a diverse range of agencies all over the world, and have a range of responsibilities and skills, including directors, biosafety advisers, biocontainment engineers.

To find out more information about the group please browse our site using the links below, or contact us by 

one way pass through chambers for lab supplies
Formaldehyde gaseous decontamination chamber with process monitoring (temperature/humidity/formaldehyde concentration) and safety alarms in the event of formaldehyde release.
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